Custom Doors

Sunex International is the leader in supplying custom doors in South Florida and the Caribbean. When designing a home, doors should be factored into the unique design of every room. With at least one door in each room, they are a key component to the overall look and feel of the space. Beyond their functional aspects, think of doors as a tool to deliver a unique sense of taste and style. What an easy way to make a house, a home.

We work with the very best custom door manufacturers in North America to provide products that are beautiful, high quality and cutting edge. Browse through our gallery for a small sample of our custom door selection. If you’re overwhelmed by the possibilities, rely on our interior design professionals to help you simplify the complex selection process.

Carefully Crafted Hardware

Door hardware and accessories are often described as “jewelry for the home”. With unique, high-quality door hardware you will be amazed how much you can boost the look and overall feel of quality in a home. Browse through our collection and see how you can bring a touch of true craftsmanship to your project. If you don’t know where to start, our expert staff can advise you.

Your Door Experts

Our team of custom door experts has decades of combined experience. When you work with us you’ll learn very quickly that we are passionate about our customers and the products we sell. It’s this passion that keeps us on top of our game. When it comes to custom doors, we’re constantly on the hunt for the latest technology, innovative designs and new hardware. As a result were able to supply our customers with the very best.